Business Process Manager

A Business Process Manager for integrating Oracle based applications with external systems.

This is a PL/SQL package based Business Process Manager (BPM) with functionality and scalable performance on par with the leading solutions offered by the main vendors (see Wikipedia). It is supported by a pure relational database design enabling easy support, maintenance, data consistency, and backup and recovery.

The BPM is a BPEL XML message driven application with its architecture and design integral with Oracle Serverís internal technology, such as Advanced Queuing and XMLDB.

This application does not pretend to be an enterprise solution competing with the main vendors, but offers an affordable bridge gap for PL/SQL based applications requiring BPEL and Web Services functionality without having to invest in further application server technology and infrastructure.

Business process definitions are defined using third party BPEL design tools such as Eclipse, and the XML based BPEL documents loaded into the database. 

The main purpose of such an application is to integrate disparate systems across a single business process. A typical business process in an e-commerce company would be the life cycle of an on-line sales order. The systems that need to be integrated may be internal to a business organisation (e.g. sales, purchasing, warehouse, product catalogue, etc) or reach externally across to partner systems (suppliers, merchant services, market research companies, etc). With a BPM application, there is very little constraint in bridging the boundaries between systems when using XML messaging and internet protocols such as HTTP, FTP and SMTP. : Copyright © 2005 - 2010 Database Innovations Ltd : Last modified: 27/08/10