Database Innovations

Database Innovations is a provider of creative and innovative Oracle database development services and resources. I am Philip Lambert, the founder, an Oracle contractor with over 20 years experience in designing and building Oracle database applications.


Even with my long term experience and involvement with Oracle's core technology, I am not the devotee I would like to be, as finding the time to write up useful techniques and code tips and present at conferences can be very difficult. There are plenty of in-depth articles available on the websites of Oracle evangelists who are far more apt at taking your understanding a step further than any manual or text book can.

I am a practical-minded hands-on developer with a holistic three-dimensional approach to thinking and solving problems. My articles are more orientated around coding tips and techniques, than expanding your understanding of Oracle or revealing obscure features and behaviour. More...


Innovation in software development is a difficult claim to make and describe. The technology being embraced may be easily labelled as innovative or even the underlying hardware, but writing code or designing applications using the technology may not be instantly recognised as being innovative. Oracle RDBMS and PL/SQL come with a set of tools and components to build your application. How you utilise the technology to build your own components and arrive at an application that performs, scales, and integrates, which is robust and easy to maintain, can demand high levels of creative thinking and original ideas ... this is the "database innovation". More...


Database Innovations is not a software vendor, but over the years I have developed numerous PL/SQL components which I have released as Open Source software. I also have components which I have not sufficiently completed to a state where I have been able to release them, but they are working to a point that they could be easily made available to development projects by negotiation. More... : Copyright 2005 - 2010 Database Innovations Ltd : Last modified: 27/08/10